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Learn how to find ideal snow plows for SUVs, trucks or jeeps

Can you put a snow plow on any car?

The market will agree that, yes, virtually any car can get a snow plow installed. But don't listen to it. It doesn't mean you can do that simply because you can find a plow with your car's make and model names attached to the description. Plowing is not a joke, and there may be consequences you really don't want to deal with. So what vehicles are good for snow plowing:

- trucks
- jeeps
- big heavy-duty SUVs

Actually, this list should be shorter and include only one category — trucks. They are large, strong, and should be good enough to survive through that much hard labor. Nevertheless, with some modifications or exceptionally durable builds, SUVs and jeeps can also do the job. They require a very strong transmission system, high-quality winter tires, a sturdy frame, and a super powerful engine.

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Snow Plows terminology and definitions

How fast can you drive with a plow?

Snow plowing may be dangerous to you and your truck, so there is a speed limit you probably shouldn't neglect. It is best not to go over 45 mph when you use your snow plow. This will let you navigate with ease and save the truck from extra stress. Remember that overheating the transmission fluid will cause a lot of damage. Preventing something is better than dealing with the consequences.

How much HP is needed to plow snow?

The best way to know if your truck can plow is to look inside your manual. There are many factors that determine whether your truck is good for plowing snow. They are torque, transmission system, traction, weight, and horsepower. Usually, a good option is to look for a truck that has around 300 hp and above.

Snow plow configurations

Snow plows for trucks generally come in two configurations – straight line and V-shape. Straight plows have a weakness, and it's called thick snow banks. The best solution for areas with very heavy snowfall is a V-shaped snow plow that cuts through instead of getting stuck.

Can you put a snow plow on an SUV?

Snow is beautiful and fun, but only up to the point when you have to get rid of it with a shovel. However, if you are a fortunate SUV, jeep, or truck owner, you can upgrade it with a snow plow. Usually, crossovers are strong enough to plow snow off your driveway, but there is more to it than simply getting an SUV fitting snow plow and getting started.

This is a tough job not only for you but for your car as well. It takes a lot of effort. And whether it is a good idea to use your SUV as a snow plowing machine or not strongly depends on its size, engine, and durability. Plowing can be way too hard for smaller SUVs, and so many models are designed for nothing more than being able to drive through the snow and dirt. So if you have a car that resembles a wider sedan, then maybe this SUV snow plow is not your best bet.

Can you put a plow on your CRV?

As we mentioned earlier, putting a snow plow on a large heavy-duty SUV may work out, but models like Honda CR-V are hardly in that category. You could possibly find a perfectly fitting snow plow for your car and install it without any problems. The real question must be, why would you want to do that in the first place?

Regardless of the pros of plowing snow with your car instead of your hands, there are serious cons too. The main problem is that the plow itself is very heavy. It is designed to withstand the tremendous resistance of heaps of snow, which is hardly possible for plastic or lightweight alloys. The metal is quite heavy and thick, and it takes toil to just move with it attached. Then the weight and the struggle against it only grows with every inch. This puts an enormous strain on your SUV's engine, transmission, structure, and wheels. Your frame can be compromised because of plowing, for sure.

Getting a snow plow for your SUV can be risky, so it is best if you research it beforehand and carefully weigh all benefits and dangers of this decision. After all, this is your car and your responsibility.

What is the most reliable snow plow?

The snow plows for trucks vary not only in models but also in materials. The snow plow blades can be made of stainless steel, powder-coated steel, or polycarbonate. Their main characteristic is durability because snow is way tougher than you can even imagine.

The most popular two are stainless steel and polycarbonate. Both materials are strong and resistant to corrosion. Poly has an important advantage over steel because of its slickness. It reduces the drag and resistance from the snow while you plow and also prevents the snow from sticking to its surface. However, this property can be hard to maintain for a long time due to scratching. Snow is essentially ice, and its sharp edges and hard lumps can riddle the surface with numerous scratches, making it very rough.

The stainless steel truck snow plows are less vulnerable to this effect, but they are also heavier. So if your truck can handle the extra weight, this may be a better option for you. All materials have unique properties and drawbacks, and you will have to make a decision that is perfect for your vehicle and purpose. There is hardly a one-fits-all piece of advice.

Who makes the best truck snow plow?

SnowSport, SnowBear, Western, and Boss are the most popular snow plow brands in the US. Their snow plows are of high quality, and they vary in models, materials, and sizes. The brand is hardly a crucial part of the decision-making process, but it is always better to choose a manufacturer with a good reputation earned over the years. It also matters whether the brand issues a warranty on its products and how long it will last.

Additionally, reliable brands use better equipment and materials for their snow plows. And this is very important because their plows must be sturdy enough to weather the stress well and do their job.

Is plowing hard on the transmission?

Plowing snow with a truck is a risky thing to do, and if you don't do this correctly, that damage will be very expensive to fix. And the most common issue encountered by truck owners who plow snow is a faulty transmission. This problem occurs because the transmission fluid gets overheated, and the entire system starts to fail. Even strong trucks can succumb to this vulnerability if you use the snow plow wrong.

First of all, you should check in the manual whether your car can handle this task. There are many tips and tricks you can use to keep your transmission safe while plowing, and we will certainly provide some in our guides.